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Prollect is unlike anything you've seen before.

Built to give you the edge.

Prollect® is a free web-based platform that matches exceptional suppliers with motivated buyers, and streamlines any communication that is sure to follow. For Distributors, Reps, and OEMs alike, our revolutionary technology working behind-the-scenes makes quoting lightning-fast, increases order win rate, and maximizes worker productivity. Interactions are more organized and less tedious when compared to outdated channels like telephone, email, and fax.

Remarkable. Results.

Words from a Regional Sales Manager

“Our customers have openly admitted that they love the speedy turn-around. I even find myself telling long-time clients to check us out on Prollect instead of sending me an email.”

“Our organization has seen a surprising boost in sales thanks to Prollect, all without the need to hire more staff.”

Powerful Innovation for Suppliers

Works in harmony with your existing ERP system.

Sort RFQs by powerful metrics like quantity, date received, and extended price.

View buyer profiles to develop a deeper understanding of your targets.

Send compelling messages and receive notifications instantly.

Upload and share PDFs, excel sheets, and photos to make a clearer statement.

Your team members have the freedom to create individual accounts.

Say goodbye to counfusion

What’s already been completed? Who’s doing it? Ongoing tasks are seamlessly updated in real-time for all users, so everyone is on the same page.

Nothing lost. Everything gained.

Prollect® is the compelling alternative to a messy inbox. Experience the fundamental organization unique to Prollect®…..Never lose an email again.

Don’t worry, Prollect won’t forget.

Our servers our at your service. You keep quoting, and we’ll remember everything, just in case you want to look back on all your success.

Access. Anywhere.

The power of Prollect® is married with the freedom of the internet Have complete access, anywhere in the world, on any device.

More Awareness. More Leads. More Orders.

Suppliers know the constant battle to be in front of potential buyers. Traditionally, this has led to countless hours of weary salesman educating target customers about your company’s capabilities. Even then, customers may not fully understand your capabilities, or the information is quickly forgotten. Add the hurdle that your offering may change, and even more resources are spent reeducating.

Side by side. But so on top.

The all-new Prollect® platform is designed specifically to be your key to the modern age for accelerated sales growth. Developed by suppliers, for suppliers, experience the power of automated efficiency. Prollect® technology effortlessly analyzes buyers’ needs and automatically matches them to you, based on your company’s offering. This means less time and money spent addressing uninterested parties. Prollect® leads are ready-to-buy, and you are given the opportunity to be in front of every, single, one.

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